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Soul Retrieval/Calling

Soul Retrieval is an ancient Shamanic practice that helps bring back part of our soul that has left us to make our soul whole again so we are fully engaged with life.

It is believed that every time we experience an emotional or physical trauma we experience soul loss as part of our soul flees the body to survive the experience. This can be a good survival mechanism when the reason for this is abuse, trauma or a car accident, where part of our essence or soul leaves the body so we do not experience the full impact of the pain. Soul Retrieval helps this part return.

We can also give away part of our soul at school to be accepted, or in relationships where we ignore our own voice. Other incidences of soul loss are:-

  • Accident or witnessing an accident
  • Bereavements - people often say part of me went with them or they do not let go of the person and want to hold on to them
  • War
  • Divorce, breakdown of a relationship
  • Sometimes it happens when we can’t take any more of any situation

Symptoms of soul loss can be that we feel disassociated with the world around us and feel empty, not in touch with ourselves. We look for substitutes for life and seek quick fixes.

Soul Retrieval is a way of bringing the soul back home and reconnecting ourselves, increasing our vitality and desire for life, changing our story and how we think about ourselves.

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